England Travel Guide

Her Majesty's Kingdom.
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The best part of England is the English

The United Kingdom is one of my favorite destinations. The rich history, the modern monarchy, the endless treasures of the world which line the museums (regardless of how they got there..) The British people have an amazing history and a masterfully crafted society. I first visited London for a week with friends during my Rotary study abroad year. I later returned in a pursuit to make a permanent move to the island, which did not work out as hoped but which has become my greatest evidence that things happen for a reason. I occasionally have the opportunity to schedule an extended layover in London and am always happy to do so. London is home to several of my most significant loved ones and I hope it will be home to me as well, one day.

Eh, I am a bit behind on writing this, but I promise it is coming soon! In the meantime, check this out.


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