The origins of my nomadic and adventurous life.
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More than Wienerschnitzel and Bratwurst

As a Rotary Youth Exchange student, Germany was my first home outside of the United States. It was here that I began to develop a global view, make lifelong friends from other cultures, and started to drink coffee. My time in Germany is the most significant of any of my travels, because it was the first. Germany has always been dear to me, and after 16 years I have moved back to Germany! I am working now at trivago in Düsseldorf, which means there will be many more stories to fill this page!

Photo Tour of the Niederaltaich Abbey

First Impressions of the Niederaltaich Abbey Church Niederalteich is a tiny town of fewer than 2000 people on the Danube River in Bavaria, Germany. It is best known for its main church, the Niederaltaich Abbey Church. The abbey is part of the Benedictine Order and was...

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Reunion, Kölsch and Architecture of Köln (Cologne)

After spending 5-months in India building out a new facility for Mutual Mobile, I get to take a few weeks of vacation! I am returning to Germany for the first time since my high school Rotary Youth Exchange year in Oldenburg and am very excited to reconnect with old...

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