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Hi! I am seeking women writers to offer some guidance on my blog. A woman’s perspective on travel and career is clearly a super important topic to cover, and as a man, I have zero authority on the subject (and just so happen to be smart enough to know it!)

My hope is to encourage a conversation between us, rather than just a one-way sort of thing where you write content and I post it. What I have written below are some initial thoughts on topics and formats for posts which you can author. Please feel very free to suggest a completely different direction or provide me with feedback if you think my approach can be improved.

I write a lot about taking action on your goals (particularly in travel) starting at a young age. You can write about any number of topics but still relate it to the over-arching theme of the blog which is about doing these things while young.

This blog's central theme

Travel Guides – these are posts from Judson’s travels across the world and what he has done there. In the beginning, these were written strictly in an autobiographical format but are now being rewritten and curated into travel guides which offer more of an overview of destinations, alongside recommendations of activities to pursue or to avoid. At this time, all of this content is written only by Judson.

#WhileYoung – these are posts which offer advice, best practices, and other insights learned from the life experiences of the author. The main theme here is regarding identifying, pursuing, and living your “what if.” Some of these posts are authored by guests (that’s you!)

Does this sound like a theme you can contribute to? If so, then please read on!

Potential travel topics of interest to write about

  • Why travel is especially important for women.
  • Why travel as a woman is different.
  • Identifying and overcoming fears of travel.
  • Relationship philosophies, warnings, and tips.
  • Staying safe as a woman traveler.
  • Specific destination advice for women.

Some additional topics

  • Your personal “what if” story and how you chose to pursue your goals (or not to).
  • Travel advice in an “operational” way (like luggage and packing best-practices).
  • Career advice.

Things you should read first

Here are some posts I have written which would be interesting to have a woman’s perspective on.

Some info on me, my blog, and guest authors which you might like to read first.

Format 1: 250-350 words

Choose from one of the topics above (or related) and I will include your short submission in a single post with 4-6 different authors. Feel free to include 1 link to your blog and 1 social media link. Email me your short submission to

Format 2: 900-1200 words

Choose from one of the topics above (or related) to write a full-length post. If you want to do this, then you can read all of the permitters and submit a story directly on the blog here.

Format 3: Interview

Do you have a story to tell but would rather have a conversation about it? How about an interview! If you would like to give this a go, then we need to get to know each other a little bit. Send me an email with a brief introduction on yourself and why you think an interview would be the most valuable means by which we can feature your story. Email me your interview request to

Format 4: ......

Suggest something! I am wide open and totally happy to work together in any number of ways. Let me know what thoughts you have, and we can crush this together!

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