India Travel Guide

A half-year business trip, transformed into one of my greatest adventures.
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I negotiated a business trip into a grand adventure

I was the Operations Manager for a wonderful company which is a global leader in the mobile software and connected devices space. Mutual Mobile asked me to spearhead the construction of a new office for our team in Hyderabad, India, where I spent half a year building out a state of the art facility for our growing international team. During my time in India, I was able to visit many places, participate in many cultural festivities and create lifelong bonds with some of my new best friends. India is a beautiful and diverse country with many mysteries, even to it’s own people. For an outsider like me, I just did my best to say “yes” to every invitation and experience as much as I could. From the majesty of the Taj Mahal to the Palace of the Dalai Lama, and from the vast emptiness of the Rajasthani desert to the ruins of ancient civilization, India has something unexpected and incredible lurking around every corner.

Golconda Fort

I was a child when I first visited the National Natural History Museum in Washington D.C. I've never been one for jewels, especially diamonds, but ever since my childhood, I've been captivated by the Hope Diamond, which is notorious for supposedly being cursed. The...

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I had the most wonderful experience exploring Hyderabad today! I went to visit one of India's most recognizable monuments, a mosque called Charminar. The name comes from combining the Urdu words Chār and Minar', which translates to "Four Towers," referencing the...

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