Kyrgyzstan Travel Guide

A stunning land in Central Asia.
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The Switzerland of Central Asia

Dubbed The Switzerland of Central Asia, I lived in Kyrgyzstan for two years working with the United Nations on media and social justice development projects as a Peace Corps volunteer. My time here was the most rewarding and meaningful time of my life. I spent my first year working with community radio station RadioMost in Talas City, where I helped create training materials for a growing national network of citizen journalists. Then, I wrote my own project concept and secured funding from UNESCO. There were many organizations supporting media training in these areas, but the reach of those journalists was very limited and very isolated. My concept was to leverage the power of mobile technology by placing it in the hands of rural journalists and building a unifying platform which tells the story of life in Central Asia. Today, KyrgyzMedia.com is a vibrant and active outlet which receives thousands of montly visitors from all over the world and continues to be supported by the United Nations and the Deutsche Welle Akadamie. The initiative is locally supported by Kloop Media.

Hiking Konorchek Canyon

I joined a group from the Trekking Union of Kyrgyzstan today to explore Konorchek Canyon. The landscape in this canyon is very different from anything else I've seen in Kyrgyzstan. It reminds me of the canyons in New Mexico and Arizona. Much of Kyrgyzstan's landscape...

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Biking to Panorama

I bought a mountainbike so that I could go to the mountains. And so I did! My lovely new Giant ATX770 held up to the test. We road about 10 miles into the low-lying hills on the south-side of Bishkek to a well-known spot called "Panorama." This is like Make Out Point...

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Kurban Ait

This morning Bishkek Muslims began the Kurban Ait celebration by gathering in the center square of the city. 70,000 people were projected to be in attendance and I made my way to observe the events. If you have ever seen Muslims pray, then there is nothing new to...

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Bishkek Graffiti

I took a long bike ride and found this great stretch of graffiti art on a long concrete wall. I haven't seen anything else like this in Kyrgyzstan so I though it was worth sharing with the world. Please leave a comment below with your thoughts about these pieces....

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National Opera House

This is the national Opera House which I pass every day to and from my office. I often hear the singers practicing through the windows so everyday I get a little bit of a free concert.

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Osh Bazaar

The Osh Bazaar in Bishkek is one of the most important shopping places in Kyrgyzstan. I live about a 10-15 minute walk from here and it is a pretty important place for me too.

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Bowling in Bishkek

In my 15 months in Kyrgyzstan I have never heard of something like a western-style mall or a gaming center. Today imagine my extreme surprise to arrive to CosmoPark with a massive arcade, 2 bowling allies (20 lanes) and a nearly IMAX-sized movie theater! I had a great...

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Besh Tash National Park

In preparation for the 2012 Talas GLOW/TOBE Camp I needed to make a site visit to the camp site in the Besh Tash National Park. The camp had been here last year but I was not in attendance. I had a few friends come a long with me. The scenery is beautiful despite...

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Bishkek / Talas Winter Road Conditions

Think you have a tough commute? This is just another day in the life of a Talas Peace Corps Volunteer. I came to a point where every time I got in a car to make this drive I full accepted the idea that this may be the very last time I use my legs. It is no way to live...

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