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Ajmer and a 1000 Year Old Manmade Lake in Rajasthan

After arriving to Rajasthan India we stopped first in Ajmer to charge our batteries and see one of the world's oldest manmade structures.

Posted by Judson L Moore

Arriving to Ajmer

My first train ride in India led me to Ajmer, a small town in the heart of Rajasthan. A German friend of mine, Tobi, who is also staying at my hotel in Hyderabad, joined on this weekend adventure which also covered Jaipur and Pushkar.

Ajmer is a small town of only 500,000 people (which is a small town in these parts). The town was easily walkable, which is what we opted to do for the mile journey to Daulat Bagh, a park on Ana Sagar Lake. In the park, we came across an interesting temple to Lord Shiva. I would later learn that king cobra snakes are present in all of Lord Shiva’s temples, but in Rajasthan they seem to be much more prominent. Despite this, I only came across one real king cobra snake on my journey and I was more afraid of its charmer than I was the snake its self. More on that in my post about Jaipur.

Lake Ana Sagar

After the temple, we continued on to Lake Ana Sagar, a 900-year old manmade lake. The prominent feature about this lake is a 5-pavilion marble structure known as Baradari. I am not sure what the significance of this site is, but it’s expanse of white marble overlooking the lake is beautiful; no wonder the tourists flourish to this site. The weather was perfect and the fresh air coming off the lake was a welcome reprise from the dry air of the desert.

We only had a few hours to spend in Ajmer, so after finding a quick coffee we hailed a cab and moved on to the nearby town of Pushkar where we embarked on an overnight camel safari!

Have you been to Ajmer? Planing a trip there? Please leave me a comment below, or message me directly at @judsonlmoore!

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