Ultimate list of international fellowship programs that can change your life

Looking for ways to study or work abroad while getting someone else to pay for the experience? Check out this list of international fellowship programs!

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International fellowship programs are an excellent way to see the world and learn valuable lessons while others pay for it. I once believed that all fellowships are for current degree-seeking students and researchers, therefore not something I could qualify for after graduation. You might also reasonably assume that when you read “fellowship,” you need to be in school. This is not true. There are many professional fellowships, as well as opportunities for mid-career international education and research.

Here are a few programs from which I have personal experience. I’m happy to offer tips for applying to these, and I would love to expand this list if you leave a comment below with any other programs that should be on it.

1. East-West: The Art of Dialogue (Egypt, UK, USA)

Encouraging East-West dialogue between young professionals in Egypt, the UK, and the United States, this fellowship selects 20 young professionals from a variety of professional backgrounds and tours them for four weeks throughout Egypt and the United States to meet with prominent leaders in business, politics, the arts, education, and faith.

Upon completion of the travel period, fellows have the opportunity to execute a self-authored international project with a budget of up to $100,000. Applications open in the spring, and travel is in the fall. 

Learn more about East-West: The Art of Dialogue.

Check out Cleopatra to Coretta, the project I got to work on due to this fellowship.

2. The Rotary Peace Fellowship (Worldwide)

This is the fellowship for you if you want to study and work in the field of peace and conflict resolution! Rotary International has invested in peace leaders for generations. The Rotary Peace Fellowship offers a fully-funded master’s degree program at one of several partner universities worldwide. Write a comment below, and I can help connect you with your local Rotary Club to get you started.

Learn more about the Rotary Peace Fellowship.

3. The Bosch Foundation Fellowship (USA, Germany)

Focused on transatlantic issues, this 1-year opportunity is for early and mid-career professionals with a demonstrated interest in advancing international relations. After a crash course in German, participants get placed in jobs at participating organizations around Germany. The included housing, stipend, and even a bonus to support your accompanying family will make sure you don’t have too much stress while growing with this fantastic fellowship.

Learn more about the Bosch Foundation Fellowship.

4. Fulbright Fellowship (Worldwide)

This esteemed fellowship offers research, study, and teaching opportunities for Americans almost anywhere in the world. Likewise, they accept applicants from all over the world to study in the USA. The possibilities here are seemingly endless, and applicants have a high degree of flexibility in proposing their area of study and geographic assignment. If you want to write your ticket and work autonomously to pursue your advanced degree, start here.

Learn more about the Fulbright Fellowship.

5. Peace Corps Master’s International (USA + Worldwide)

If you’re interested in longer-term sustainable international development, this is a great twofer. Enroll in a participating master’s degree program, and after your course work, the United States Peace Corps will send you into the field for your thesis research. Upon completing the program, you will have a master’s degree and federal NCE status (Non-Competitive Eligibility), which will, in addition to the incredible Peace Corps experience, place you high on everyone’s hiring list!

Learn more about Peace Corps Master’s International.

Bonus fellowship list

Here are a bunch of great opportunities exclusively in Germany

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