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A Walk Through Brühl's Countryside and Palaces

Brühl Germany is a quaint and peaceful town surrounded by palaces, historic estates and wonderful walking paths. Join me on my walk through Brühl!

Posted by Judson L Moore

I recently had the chance to reunite with a dear friend in his hometown of Brühl Germany. Mark and I worked together in Kyrgyzstan to develop skills of journalists and media professionals. His trainings are one of the reasons why has become so sustainable over the years, so clearly I am very grateful for his skill and friendship!

First Impressions of Brühl

Brühl is a small town in west Germany between Cologne and Bonn. The well-manicured paths through surrounding fields and nature make exploring the countryside estates and palaces a breeze. Germany is well known for ease of access and walkability, but Brühl stood out from the crowd in this regard. Though I was visiting in the dead of winter, the beauty of the region shone through clearly.

Unlike most of west Germany, there are actually some fairly significant hills here which provide wide views of the surrounding region. Now that I am living in Düsseldorf, just 53km away, I plan to ride my bike down for a weekend and get some more photos from atop these hills. Stay tuned for that!

Augustusburg Palace

The Augustusburg Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, noteworthy for being one of the finest examples of Rococo interiors in the world. Because the palace was closed on the day I visited so I just got to explore the historic hunting grounds around the palace, but I will certainly return and get the full tour soon!

Have you been to Brühl? Planning a trip to the region? Please leave a comment below or get in touch with me at @JudsonLMoore!

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