I’ve waited to see the English power metal band, DragonForce, for more than ten years! These guys came on to the pop culture radar by having the featured and impossible to play bonus song at the end of the Guitar Hero video game. They performed in Austin Texas at the outdoor stage of The Mohawk, which is one of my favorite venues and conveniently located just a few blocks away from my office. After work, some colleges and I walked down the hill to catch the show in the rain. It was an epic evening!

DragonForce Performs Through The Fire and Flames!

This is THE song! Best known for being the closing credits song at the end of the original Guitar Hero game, Through The Fire and Flames has inspired a generation of gamers to click harder and faster than anything else in console history.

DragonForce Dueling Guitar Solos!

What decent rock show doesn’t have a guitar battle? These guys are clearly having a great time! Despite messing with each other so much on stage, they do not miss a single one of the million notes they play. What great musicianship, and so nice to see people truly enjoying themselves!

Photos From the DragonForce Concert

Here are a few photos from around the DragonForce show in Austin Texas.