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Kyrgyzstan + Anthropology

Posted by Judson L Moore

My parent’s live near Texas A&M University and they discovered a Anthropologist who teaches there and specializes in the Kyrgyz culture and the surrounding region.  I emailed with her and got an interesting list readings that I thought I should share.
Here is what she suggested:

To get a better undertanding of local culture, I recommend articles by the following cultural anthropologists:

  • Judith Beyer
  • Madeleiene Reeves
  • Morgan Liu
  • Kathleen Kuehnast
  • Julie McBrien

I also highly recommend a book edited by Jeff Sahadeo and Russell Zanca on Everyday Life in Central Asia. This book contains essays about all of the Central Asian republics. Many of daily life customs and values are quite similar across the region, so it is worthwhile to read about neighboring countries as well. 

Finally, you might also want to read Erica Marat’s book on the Tulip Revolution. She is a journalist, and has published other things that are available online. Madeleiene Reeves has also published some online articles about the second political coup in Kyrgyzstan. 
The country is extremely beautiful, but there are serious economic problems which are further complicated by the problem of corruption.

There is a fairly complete bibliography of resources on the region on Dr. Werner’s website under resources: [](

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