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Medical Review - Blood and Teeth

Posted by Judson L Moore

17 vials of blood!!  They took more blood out of me than I knew I even had in me!  It was more or less painless but still it was a shock to the system.  I had breakfast right after and then I was feeling fine.

After breakfast I checked in with Charlie and he sent me to Dental.  I was in and out of there pretty quickly.  Seems I still have pretty healthy teeth.  My dentist was really awesome.  He has just started at the VA after retiring from a dental career in the Navy where he spent the past 20 years stationed at the Pentagon.  I imagine he must be good at what he does since he has worked on the top brass of the country (and thus the world).

After that I went and checked in with Charlie again and let him know I was all done.  I am coming back on Friday for the physical and to hopefully pickup the blood work and be done.

Poked and Prodded.


Judson L Moore
Judson L Moore

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