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Medical Review - The Poilo Catch 22

Posted by Judson L Moore

The VA does not give Polio Boosters.  I don’t have a record that I have had one before.  All the local hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices that give polio booster shots do so with shots provided by the federal government.  The feds regulate that the shots are to be given at no cost but only to people 10 years of age and younger.

So the Feds are requiring that I get this shot, and are also the reason why I can not get the shot.  What a conundrum!

Jason to the rescue again!  Turns out that Jason’s Czechian dance instructor is also the director of the public health clinic here.  The clinic already told me no-go on the shot, but Louisiana politics being what they are Jason was able to get me in through the back door and get the polio booster.  And at no cost.

With that, I have now completed all that is required of me for the medical review.  I just need to get the Doctor’s at the VA to sign off on all of it and then get this sent in to the Peace Corps ASAP.

Oh, interesting side story… As you know by now, Rotary is a big part of my life.  The flagship philanthropy of the Rotary Foundation is the eradication of Polio.  I have contributed to this cause for many years and now that I need a polio shot myself I had to go through hell to get one.  Funny how life works!



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