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Medical Review - The VA

Posted by Judson L Moore

Turns out that the Peace Corps has an agreement with the Department of Veterans Affairs allowing for Peace Corps applicants to ge their medical exams done at a VA Facility.  Luckily, my other housemate, Jason, is active duty Army (currently on leave) and has some great contacts at the VA in Pineville.  We went over there today and jumped through all sorts of hoops but finally I got through to the eligibility officer who got me setup with the nurse that oversees Employment Health.  His name is Charlie S.

Charlie is a super cool dude and I am glad he is my point of contact.  Very laid back and eager to help out.  As you can imagine, the VA doesn’t get a lot of Peace Corps volunteers (I am the first at this location) and so this is a pretty unique opportunity for the both of us.

Charlie has me scheduled to come back tomorrow for my blood work and dental exam.

Last I checked I was all healthy but you don’t know until you know.  Even at that, I don’t think my health has ever been this thoroughly checked.

More tomorrow.


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