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Medically Cleared

Posted by Judson L Moore

Two days ago my status was updated to reflect that “a decision has been made regarding your medical eligibility.”  Well that is sure a little bit unsettling.  I have seen all of my results and everyone assures me that I am 100% healthy and that all tests came back with the desired results.  Plus I was on the phone with my PC medical office a few days ago and she told me that she expected to clear me the next day (when in fact my status was updated).

Today I was visiting with Marguerite Constantine, the single most influential woman in my life aside from my mom.  Marguerite is the reason why any of this is happening.  She was the one that made it possible for me to go to Germany as a Rotary youth Exchange Student and from there all doors that have opened to me have been a result of the faith she had in me when I was 16.

So I was visiting with Marguerite and husband Wes at their home and goat dairy ([]( for the first time in a decade, just catching up and telling them everything I have been up to when my dad called.  Mail had arrived to the house from the Peace Corps stating that I had been medically cleared!  I was very pleased to share this update with Marguerite face to face.

After that I got to bare witness to Wes miking the goats.  I didn’t get to participate but that is probably for the best if not for me, then for the goats!



PS: So seriously, you need to go online and order a bunch of stuff from [](  Everything there is fresh and amazing.  The milk is to die for, the cheeses are incredible and OMG don’t get me started on the Chocolate Goat’s Milk Truffels…

PSS: Shout out to Jennet H. of the Rotary Club of Pineville who I ran into yesterday morning and told me about a) the full scale dairy operation that Marguerite had going on, and b) the chocolate truffels!

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