Meeting Papa Roach On Tour In Hamburg Germany

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Meeting Papa Roach On Tour In Hamburg Germany

The Journey To Papa Roach

Today I get to se one of my favorite bands of all time: Papa Roach. The day started off at 11:45am when I had to meet Katharina and Thomas at the train station. Our train left Oldenburg at 11:33, and arrived in Hamburg at 1:09pm. We didn’t have out tickets yet, and we couldn’t go to the club to pick them up until 8:00pm, so we had about 7 hours to walk the city like zombies. So that’s what we did!

While walking we stopped in many stores including a really cool second-hand clothing store where I found an LSUMC(where my dad works) security uniform shirt! I didn’t buy it though because it was too small. But that was still really cool to find all the way over here in Germany! In Hamburg lives the majority of the millionaires in Germany. And it showed! My god did I see some fine cars! Included was a Dodge Viper GTS, a REALLY nice Ferrari (but I don’t know what kind…), and a Lamborghini Countach that I wasn’t able to get a photo of. Hamburg IS a beautiful city, but I didn’t really see anything worth taking a photo of EXCEPT for St. Nicholas Church.

Killing Time In Hamburg

So we got tired of walking around Hamburg at about 5:30, so we started for the club hoping to catch a glance of Papa Roach before the concert. We arrived at Logo(the name of the club), at about 6:15 or so, to findPapa Roach casually standing outside! It is great because Papa-Roach isn’t famous here yet. I mean, their album, Infest, didn’t come out until about 3 weeks AFTER the concert! So here, their music in unavailable! Because of this, when we got there, there were only a few people at the club, and they were also just sitting around asking each other,”Is that the band over there?” “I don’t know, maybe.”

The Moment I Met Coby Dick

Then I walk up and just SCREAM, “COBY DICK!!!!!!” I got to talk with the band beforehand. And when I say talk, I don’t just mean talk, I mean REAL conversation! I talked with Coby for a good hour and a half finding out about his life, and answering HIS questions about mine! So, of course, I couldn’t pass this up without a photo of me and Coby. I just can’t believe that I didn’t take more pictures, though! The whole time talking with them, it just felt so natural and felt as if I didn’t NEED to take pictures of them because it was like I knew them or something. Oh well, I have my own memory, and so I know what happened, and that’s good enough.

The Show Begins With Germany’s 4Lyn

We finally were allowed into the club at 8:00, which was good because at about 7:30 the band had to all go inside to do mic checks, and so we didn’t have them to talk to anymore. We get inside, and of course bought up all the souvenirs (just a t-shirt) and then had to wait yet another hour for the concert to actually begin. A German band 4Lyn opened up. But as with most German music groups, the vocals were in English, and so we could understand. They were actually quite good, and I look forward to seeing them again sometime.

The Show We’ve been Waiting For: Papa Roach!

After 4Lyn’s performance, which lasted for about 1 and quarter hours, we had to wait 30 min while Papa-Roach setup. In this club, there were NO MORE than 200 people, and the stage was only about a foot high or so. Because of how small the club was, and how low the stage was, we were able to get REALLY close to the stage!

My whole life I have seen these CRAZY people who ‘crowd surf’. I have always thought that they are so crazy for doing that, I mean, it just looks so dangers! But at this concert, I personally got to find out what a rush it really is, and also found that it is probably actually a whole lot safer being the one up there, then the one holding them up. I surfed 5 times! One time, I was having trouble getting up on the stage, and Coby saw this, so he reached out his hand, and pulled me up!

That was great! THANKS COBY!!! Also, even better, the last song was of course ‘Last Resort’, And I was also, of course, front row, and he put the mic in my face, and I got to sing a few words of the song! WOW!!!! The concert was so great, that now writing about it, it feels like it never actually happened, because it was just so unreal! It was SOOOO GREAT!!!!

The After Party In The Reeperbahn

So, after the concert, we talked again toPapa Roach and told them how great we thought the show was. And of course, I got Coby’s autograph. We talked again shortly and found out that they were going to go to the Reeperbahn (red light district), and go clubbing. We had planned to do the same, and so they asked if we would like to go with them! Of course, we said yes!

At first, I thought that they were just being nice because they had to leave to go to the hotel and take showers. So I thought that the chance of them actually showing up at the meeting point was really slim. But we gave then a chance, and prayed, and they DID come! So we walked with them to the club called The Doll House, which is apparently the most famous club there.

At this point I ran out of film! :( and Katharina had already run out at the club (Thomas didn’t have a camera), so I don’t actually have any photos from here on out. Darn it! We stayed with them till about 4:00, and then they had to go to the hotel to pack, and get on a plane to New York so that they could do an interview on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno the next day.

A Night at the Train Station

So at this point, we told them goodbye and all that mess, and then we went to the train station to see what time a train would come. We ended up having to wait until 6:14 for a train. SO that means that I got to do for the first time what EVERY exchange student will end up doing at some point: sleep in a train station with the bums! YEA!! What fun, let me tell you! But hey, it builds character, right? Right!

We couldn’t sleep so well because it was so cold, so we started walking around. While walking, Thomas found a cell phone! It turned out to be one of the best phones available on the market! So he reprogramed it so that its signal would match what is now his old phone. He told me, that he can get a completely new signal for his old one, which is actually quite nice, and then he will sell that one to me! FOR CHEAP! SWEET!

The train finally came, and I was home at about 9:30am, with NO sleep, and so what did I do? Well, of course, I went to sleep, and then I slept until 6:00pm! AHHHH! It was great to sleep! But even more so, it was a GREAT weekend!

Mission Accomplished

Ok, so there it is, I saw Papa Roach in concert, and what were all my Tioga people doing back home? You were dancing in uncomfortable formal-wear, listening to everyday music played by a DJ at Homecoming! Where would I have rather been? Truthfully, I wished I was home at the time. I was so homesick this night! But now, 2 weeks later, I am glad to be here, I am having such a great time! And hey, I will have Homecoming next year, and it will be great! GO SENIORS 2002!!! Yea, whatever…….

If you are a Papa Roach fan, or have a story of meeting one of your favorite bands, please share it in the comments below! Feel free to also message me directly at @judsonlmoore!

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