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Peace Corps Hardship

Peace Corps Hardship

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Life in the Peace Corps is not as luxurious as some might think it could be. Here is a quick shot of my daily hardship:

From left to right: Epiphone 6-string (steel) guitar; Mr. Coffee French press with fresh-ground columbian coffee, iPad 32GB+wifi (being used as second monitor for…), 11” Macbook Air hooked up to the internet via the USB 3G Modem, dual-sim card cell phone, Apple Mighty Mouse bluetooth mouse, iPhone 3GS pumping out the jams, Dell 15” laptop with Windows 7, Apple Time Capsule wireless base station hosting my iTunes, computer backup and charging the iPhone, 100watt 2.1 sound system hooked up to iPhone and disturbing the neighbors.

I know. It’s rough, but hey, someone has to do it!

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Judson L Moore
Judson L Moore

Travel addict. Ambitious about making the world a better place. Writing what I learn along the way.

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