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Selected! But Not Much More...

Selected! But Not Much More...

In this post...

Woooo!  My status has been updated to SELECTED FOR SERVICE!  Most unfortunately there is nothing else to report at this time.  They only state

“Congratulations, you have been selected for service with the Peace Corps. More information is on it’s way to you in the mail.”

So more sit and wait.  Though I have deduced a location.  I have no reason to believe that this is it but by applying the scientific method and process of elimination, I have found that the only country in Asia/Central Asia that has a Community Development Program that departs in late March is to the Kyrgyz Republic.

This is only based on the information available to me and some guess work.  I have no way to know that this is remotely accurate.  Hopefully I will know in a few days!



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Judson L Moore
Judson L Moore

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