Show up

Show up

Opportunities are all around us. They take all forms, shapes, and sizes. Sometimes showing up is about going to class prepared with your homework complete. Other times, showing up is about accepting an invitation. Often in life, showing up is about applying for that job you’ve been interested in, the scholarship that will pay for your education, or a fellowship program you think might impact your world-view. Regardless of the form an opportunity takes, it is a wasted chance if you do not show up.

There is also something brilliant about showing up. It is the prerequisite of every opportunity. And the fact of the matter is that most people do not bother showing up at all. They have the tools in their hands to show up, they are even invited by others to do so, yet they do not afford themselves the opportunity. If you can successfully shift your mentality from one of doubt to one of optimism, then you will find yourself showing up more often than anyone else, and just by pure numbers, you will excel beyond everyone around you who stayed at home.

After all, you cannot walk through a door if you do not first walk up to it. Some doors may never open despite how hard you pound on them. Other doors that are wide open are useless if you don’t even approach them to see what might be on the other side.

Showing up can be exhausting at times. By following the guidelines outlined below, along with those which are covered in further detail in Exponential Happiness, you will find yourself living a life full of opportunities.

The power of raising your hand

Here is a quick tip: has anyone ever asked you a question? I bet they have! (Heck. I just asked you a question!) how do you tend to respond to questions? Do you shy away from replying? Do you get nervous about having the “right” answer? Do you jump right in, eager for the opportunity to be included?

For many, being questioned is uncomfortable. There is pressure not to let the other person down by giving bad information or replying “no” if it is a request in the form of a question. The worst thing is when we know our response is accurate, but we speak without confidence and then aren’t believed to be correct.

Simply being asked a question, like most things, sounds simple. But it isn’t. Like all things, there is a discipline to rehearsing replying with confidence.

Raising your hand is a great way to bond your physical and emotional state when responding to the inquiry. Make a habit of volunteering your intellect. Make a habit of volunteering to show up. When anyone around you asks any nature of the question, jump eagerly at the opportunity to be included.

Accept every invitation

I moved to the American deep south when I was 14 years old. What I quickly came to learn about the infamous Southern Hospitality is that as polite as it is to extend an invitation, it appeared to be equally polite to decline. I didn’t know that. I said “yes” to every invitation!

Saying “yes” led me to be involved in community theater, making my best friend, and being accepted into an international youth exchange program that changed my life.

You won’t always be able to say “yes.” Life is full of responsibility and we only have finite access to the resource of time. Do your best to practice saying “yes” and watch how the opportunities come at you more and more over time.

Check out my book Exponential Happiness for loads more details on this and other topics to help you in your pursuit of happiness!

If you’re not yet ready to dive into a book, then please leave me a comment below with any questions you have and I will be happy to advise you the best I can directly!

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Judson L Moore
Judson L Moore

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