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Three reasons Tranquebar is worth the long drive to get to

Tranquebar is Christianity's origin point in India, home to the largest Danish fort outside of Europe, and one amazing B&B I called home.

Posted by Judson L Moore

Resting In Tranquebar

Anyone who has ‘vacationed’ with me knows that I’m not very good at the whole rest and relaxation thing, but in Tranquebar on a holiday weekend, that was all we could do.. and it was awesome! I’ve never enjoyed doing nothing so much in my life.

Stacey and I stayed in an amazing oceanside plantation-era house converted into a “non-hotel-hotel” called The Bungalow on the Beach.  The space kept true with the colonial furnishings and decor. This house was the only place to eat in this tiny seaside town and the menu changed with the day’s catch. The local economy seems to be mostly from fishing and tourism. Everyday we sat on the porch of the hotel and watched the fishermen fish until they came to shore with their catch; our hotel got first dibs on the freshest seafood. The food was incredible.

Tranquebar is famous for two things: Fort Dansborg and The Zion Church.

note: Tranquebar is not famous.. the fact that Stacey (who is Indian) could not find anyone who had ever heard of Tranquebar, is the reason she wanted to go check it out in the first place.

The Largest Danish Fort Outside of Europe

Fort Dansborg is a 17th century Danish fort. It is the 2nd largest Danish fort in the world and it is the largest outside of Europe. It costs USD $0.079 to go inside.

The Zion Church was built in 1701 and it is the oldest Protestant church in India. Every building around this church is also a church. Thus, from what I can tell, Tranquebar is the point of origin for Protestantism in India.

The town, especially the coastline, is very photogenic. The weather was perfect for us, so that helped, but the aesthetics of all things were really beautiful. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so for the sake of time, judge for yourself!

Photos From Tranquebar

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