The Without a Path Podcast asked me to share travel advice in Kyrgyzstan

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Judson L Moore

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The Without a Path Podcast asked me to share travel advice in Kyrgyzstan

The Without a Path Podcast with the American writer, traveler, and meddler Joe Baur is chock full of intriguing chats with creative types, adventurers, and the occasional story of hope for humanity. Guests share stories about the travels which has helped define their lives in this weekly travel podcast. I highly encourage you to subscribe to the Without A Path Podcast on iTunes.

My interview on the podcast focuses on stories from Kyrgyzstan, how I got there, what I was doing there, and what has happened in the country since I left in 2015.

To learn more about Joe Baur, the Without a Path Podcast, or even to suggest yourself or someone else as a guest of the show, check out

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Resources I mentioned during the interview

I talked about a lot in this episode of the Without a Path Podcast. Here are some notes and links to things I discussed in my conversation with Joe Baur.

  • Rotary Youth Exchange Program - I lived in Germany for 1 year when I was 17 years old with this free program which facilitates youth exchange between local Rotary Clubs all over the world. If you would like to be introduced to a Rotary Club near you, let me know and I will be happy to help you get in touch.

  • United States Peace Corps - In its 50th year since being established by President John F. Kennedy, I had the honor of serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kyrgyzstan, where I launched a journalism project which has touched hundreds of thousands of people since.

  • Where is Kyrgyzstan? - “The Switzerland of Central Asia” is a landlocked country on the northwestern side of China. Its remoteness is only surpassed by its beauty.

  • Kloop School of Journalism - This nontraditional school in Kyrgyzstan teaches Western-style journalism practices to youth. Their stories are published on one of Central Asia’s most-read news sites.

  • Kyrgyz Media - This is the project that I launched while in the Peace Corps. Even if you don’t read Russian or Kyrgyz, just looking through the photos in the posts will tell you a lot about the Kyrgyz People.

  • Friends of Kyrgyzstan Cookbook - This is a cookbook written by Peace Corps Volunteers in Kyrgyzstan. Many of the recipes are of traditional foods from the area and are easy to prepare.

  • World Nomad Games - It is like the Olympics for nomadic cultures. Teams from all over the world compete in a series of games which have been played for thousands of years. The 2018 World Nomad Games will be hosted in Issyk-Kul Kyrgyzstan from September 2-8, 2018. I will be there for sure, will you?

The Sheep-Slaughter Video

During the interview, I mentioned a sacrificial sheep slaughter which temporarily converted me into a vegetarian. Joe thought it wise to include some of the audio in the Podcast episode, which has stirred a lot of questions about what the event looked like. Look no further, here is the full event for those of you whose curiosity is stronger than your stomachs.

My favorite Without a Path Podcast Episodes

The Without a Path Podcast has dozens of episodes to choose from, so I promise there is something of interest to everyone. Here are a few of my very favorite episodes which you should also give a listen to:

How did you like my interview on the Without a Path Podcast?

I hope that you enjoyed the episode! Please leave me a comment below to let me know your thoughts, feedback, or to ask me followup questions. Alternatively, you can also reach out to me directly on Twitter at @JudsonLMoore.

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