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Disaster Ski Trip

Posted by Judson L Moore

I don’t like to be negative about too many things, but man oh man this day was pretty much a disaster (and I have seen some disasters.. Katrina, Rita, Gustav… I know what I am talking about!) The car was late picking us up, the ski rental shop was closed, finally found another one, then drove to the resort, our car couldn’t make it up the mountain so about a mile short of the skibase we strapped on our ski boots and hiked up while lugging our skis.

Reaching the skibase totally exhausted and freezing I went into the cafe and ordered lagman and chai which cost about 500com (5 times what you would expect to pay anywhere else). Then hit the slopes to find them icy and oh yea, my three friends I was with, turns out they had never skied before so they made one run down the icy and pretty advanced slope and called it quits.

While on the slope I got a call saying our evening accommodations were backing out and so when we went to the city at night we were homeless. Luckily our driver invited myself and fellow PCV Preston Clark to his house to stay the night. Glad this day is over.


Judson L Moore
Judson L Moore

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