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I am a team player and a big believer in collaboration. Writing a blog as a solo-author is hard! To make life a little easier (and way more interesting for all involved!) I would like you to know that I am open to collaborate with you! If you are a product, service, destination, government, school, civic organization, or a fellow author, I am confident that we can find a way to work together!

There is a whole about me page and my resume where you can learn about my quirks. Below, you will just find out how we can work together. If you find something interesting, or want to propose something totally different, just send me at note at getintouch@judsonlmoore.com.

Download PDF media kit

Sure, the web is a great place and I can tell you a lot about myself here. But how about you download this information as a PDF for safe keeping, printing, and taking notes on while we Skype about how we can work together?

PDF Media Kit

I can write something for you

My writing has been featured in a number of other publications and outlets. It is not only a joy for me to share my thoughts with other audience’s beyond my own, it is also really important! I appreciate opportunities to write for others. If you are seeking guest author engagement, then I would be very happy to hear from you. Here is some of my writing around the internet.

re/Code How to Achieve Silicon Valley Anywhere

trivago’s Hotel Manager Blog

LSU Alumni Magazine

You can write something for (or with) me

Perhaps you yourself are looking for an outlet for your own voice. I am currently seeking guest authors to write on a variety of topics. Learn more about those opportunities at the links below.

Learn about being a guest author

Guest author a woman’s perspective

Press trips

If what you are looking for is boots-on-the-ground experience and reviews of your destination or business, then I can make myself available for a few days to come to you and make an in-depth analysis, review, interview, demonstration, or any range of other activities which suite your needs. Here is one such example:

Pushkar: A Camel Safari in the Heart of Rajasthan

Advertising and sponsored content

Do you have a message to push and you are looking for fresh eyeballs to read it? If your message or product match the interests of my audience and is something which I can get behind and support, then I am glad to consider having you as an advertising partner or for you to provide me with content to publish to this blog.

No examples of this just yet. How about you be the first!


I love addressing audiences of any size! I have spoken at universities, youth camps, corporate functions, and at civic meetings. I can provide a list of references upon request. Here is a sample of a presentation I designed for a group of students.

Read: UT Peace and Conflict Symposium

My audience

The sum of my monthly website traffic, social media followers, and newsletter subscribers make up my audience. All in all my monthly audience average over the last 12 months is 5782 people. My audience is engaged and targeted, as you can see from blog post comments and from exploring the profiles of my social media followers.

*data is updated monthly

Get in touch

Like what you see? Ready to get to work? Then send me an email at getintouch@judsonlmoore.com and let’s make the future a brighter place! And also, please feel free to subscribe for my mailing list using the below form as well! No matter what you choose to do, please be sure to have a great day and keep on pursuing your dreams!