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My New Contact Information

October 10, 2012 | 0 Comments | 0 Min Read

Judson L Moore

By Judson L Moore Travel addict. Ambitious about making the world a better place. Writing what I learn along the way. Follow me on twitter. Find me on facebook.

My New Contact Information

In this post...

Please update your records to reflect my new contact information:

Skype: Old: judson.moore New: JudsonLMoore

Snail Mail: Kloop Media Judson Moore Ogonbaeva 222 Bishkek 270011 Kyrgyzstan

Клооп Медиа Джадсон Моор Огонбаева 222 Бишкек 720011 Кыргызская Республика

Download Mailing Label Here (click)

Telephone: +996 770 76 00 45 Kyrgyzstan +01 310 571 5210 (powered by Google Voice VoIP Service, you can call me here 24/7 and reach me on my laptop! If I don’t answer, I will see your call and call you back, or you can leave me a voicemail. Let’s talk soon!)

Unchanged: @JudsonLMoore (Twitter) JudsonLMoore (Google Talk) jaymooreusa (Windows Live Messenger) sweetdrumr (AIM)

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