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Biking to Panorama

Biking to Panorama

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I bought a mountainbike so that I could go to the mountains. And so I did! My lovely new Giant ATX770 held up to the test. We road about 10 miles into the low-lying hills on the south-side of Bishkek to a well-known spot called “Panorama.” This is like Make Out Point for Bishkek by night, but by day it is just a windy road to the top of a pretty big hill. We took the road up but came down directly off the side of the mountain. If I don’t ride this bike another day in Kyrgyzstan, then it was worth having it just for today!

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Judson L Moore
Judson L Moore

Travel addict. Ambitious about making the world a better place. Writing what I learn along the way.

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