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Ski Trip to Zil 2

Posted by Judson L Moore

I made my third trip skiing this season today and it was a real blast. The weather was the best I have had all season. It was warm and sunny for most of the day. I also got in quite a few runs, 15 or so! There is a new upper-lift on the right side of the mountain and this was really the best skiing. It is challenging and fast. But the best part is the lift has literally no wait because most people are afraid to go to this summit (my theory).

We went to a resort not far from Bishkek called Зил (Zil) which is my favorite place to ski. They say the best skiing in Kyrgyzstan is in Karakol but for me it is not worth the 6-8 hour drive to Karakol for skiing that is probably only marginally better than the skiing just near Bishkek.

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Judson L Moore
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